Omegle prank, talking to themselves LITERALLY!!

Posted on 05. May, 2015 by admin in Pranks

Omegle prank, talking to themselves LITERALLY!!subscribe to the video creator https://

10 Responses to “Omegle prank, talking to themselves LITERALLY!!”

  1. Josh Carr

    05. May, 2015

    The 1st and 2nd guy were youtubers

  2. AsKaGangsta

    05. May, 2015

    lol wtf was I doing?

  3. MxT Design & Concepts

    05. May, 2015

    omg do this and put a ghost in the background if you can a really scary
    gullible ghost or demon. hahaha

  4. Josh Carr

    05. May, 2015

  5. YeahMan T.V.

    05. May, 2015

    Im seein double XD Great vid!!!

  6. theprototypeguy

    05. May, 2015

    Lol fire ronin! XD

  7. RushMyPancake

    05. May, 2015

    Lol +Lukeygold they called you lucky haha

  8. Clockwork Cyborg

    05. May, 2015

    THIS ACTUALLY MADE ME GIGGLE LOL well done luckygold

  9. Yeahcomedy

    05. May, 2015

    new video from luckygold omegle prank people talking to them selfs
    @askagangstatv @BatRoulette 

  10. SniperTheTroller

    05. May, 2015

    Lucky :D 

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