Hedley – Pocket Full of Dreams – Guitar Cover

Posted on 05. May, 2015 by admin in Chris Rock

Hedley - Pocket Full of Dreams - Guitar CoverHedley’s Pocket Full of Dreams from their album, Wild Life. Can’t believe their album is two years old and I’m still listening to it! Here’s my acoustic guitar cover, enjoy :)

4 Responses to “Hedley – Pocket Full of Dreams – Guitar Cover”

  1. whomoomoo

    05. May, 2015

    yay more covers :D 

  2. octoooober

    05. May, 2015

    I luv it <3 keep making more videos plz~~

  3. Red Skeleton Cast

    05. May, 2015

    I always look forward to your new videos but most of all when you sing! You
    nailed it fantastically!!^~^

  4. EvanKale

    05. May, 2015

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