Scary Demon Possession and freaky exorcism caught on tape

Posted on 02. Aug, 2011 by admin in Pranks

Scary Demon Possession and freaky exorcism caught on tapeScary Demon Possession and freaky exorcism caught on tape We all love a good scare, and if you love pranks, scary videos and the weird strange or things gone wrong, you’ve come to the right place. Panic Attack Videos offers the best scary videos, funny pranks and funniest bloopers. We love setting up our friends and family and capturing people awesome reactions on film for everyone to see. From scaring the crap out of their friends to making really spooky videos was the thing they enjoyed most. Laugh along to the hilarious reactions of people as they are caught off guard and everything is caught on video. Other Videos that will make you Jump, Scream, Cry and laugh Visit us @ scaryvideosonline.com _____________________________________________ See us on Facebook or Twitter and keep updated o

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10 Responses to “Scary Demon Possession and freaky exorcism caught on tape”

  1. redlobster49

    02. Aug, 2011

    I think it be good acting.

  2. TheLearning50

    02. Aug, 2011

    @daltongaskill For your information you dont even know me, and for your information we dont get drunk and beat our women we beat on your white trash women lol, So get your story straight. And im done argueing with you on here because you have no life. If I was in person I would have told all this shit to your face and not to a computer screen were you hide behind then i would kick your fucking ass. but then again it still wouldnt be worth it cuz you would still be you.

  3. blackflame336

    02. Aug, 2011

    what is this demon 5 lol

  4. WindyCityBalla

    02. Aug, 2011

    Shes annoying I Would bitch slapped the devil right outta her Lol

  5. daltongaskill

    02. Aug, 2011

    @TheLearning50 continued–the funny part is that i know there is white trash out there but i make probably 3 times your salary… (assuming you even make a salary)
    Why dont you go fuck some buffalo you worthless piece of shit :)
    better yet go jump off a building and do the world a favor
    Alright Chief?

  6. daltongaskill

    02. Aug, 2011

    Nice talking to you Red Chief. Dont you have some animals to go fuck?

  7. LexusFitch

    02. Aug, 2011

    lol I gotta say I laughed when she started mocking the Pastor like a little girl. And then the Pastor’s all offended “oh….this isn’t nice,” so he puts the Bible on her lol

  8. daltongaskill

    02. Aug, 2011

    @TheLearning Give me a time and a place and I will kick your fucking teeth out of your skull you little bitch

    I dont need to know you to know you are the fucking scum of the earth and your poor as shit (of course you are your an indian)
    and yea you beat up white trash girls cuz that is all you can get.

    You wouldnt say shit to my face cuz i would stomp you within an inch of your fucking worthless life…
    And guarenteed youll answer back to this cuz you are a bitch

  9. Bigfellr

    02. Aug, 2011

    0:08 he smells her breath

  10. TheLearning50

    02. Aug, 2011

    @daltongaskill LOL you only make the amount that allows you to by picking up my trash every day bitch. I probably make way more money then you do.

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